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Promoting awareness of rights and responsibilities under the Pruneyard decision of the US Supreme Court as modified by the California Supreme Court. We do not however provide legal advice. If MAGIC continues to be successful, we may create a formal Guild to distinguish our activities from other free speech activities, such as signature gathering, political and labor picketing, fundraising and solicitation for individuals. Unlike these other activities, Musicians and Artists add value to the community and to the shopping experience by using their sacred free speech rights to express the outcome of searing dedication to their arts. Many who express art and music in public venues, including private shopping areas open to the public, which is protected expressive activity under the California Constitution, lack art studios, recording studios, concert hall bookings and other means by which to communicate their talents, and in some cases may even have personal, aesthetic, psychological, financial or social reasons that these venues are less suitable. MAGIC also seeks to enhance the level of craftsmanship, artistic refinement, and virtuousity in these activities and to evolve a code of ethics for interacting with the public as well as proprietors and employees of the retail businesses and other service providers of all types.

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