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A resume is the first impression of your personality.
It is the biggest oxymoron but your this mute document is your first speech to the recruiter.
Often when a recruiter is scanning millions of resume applications, the last thing she wants is confusion and mismatch of
Entire decision of your career is dependent on the 6-seconds which the recruiter has to scan a resume.
In 6 seconds, a recruiter cannot understand each and every line.
To make the recruiter’s job easy and assure your shortlisting in these 6 seconds, please note that giving timeline clarity
becomes crucial.
Apart from other things like choosing the right resume format, correct resume template design and bolding important
information, mentioning proper dates and location of your work-places and other sections still stand important.
Dates give instant clarity around your number of years of working experience and your professional stability.
If you have a work experience of more than 3 years in all the companies you have worked with, don’t you think it will build a
brilliant impression on the recruiter if you properly mention the same.
Similarly, mentioning the location of the work-place in your resume is also of paramount importance because your work
location plays an important role in shortlisting decisions.

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