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How to create a new project ?

How to create a new project in

If you want to register a project of your own to be hosted in this site, you must first log in.

The log-in mechanism in these webpages is just a simple way of keeping track of collaborators who work in projects hosted in this site. When a collaborator logs in, she/he is conducted to a personal page that lists the projects she/he is collaborating with and any pending tasks that she/he might have.

If you are not a collaborator, you don't need to log in since it will make no difference.

In order to log in, you must be registered (using "New User" in the menu) and give the user name and password selected during your registration.

In the registration process you can use an alias instead of your real name, but you must provide a real email address. This email address will be verified before account activation. We need to maintain an accurate email address for each user due to the level of access we grant via this account. If we need to reach a user for issues arriving from project account, it is important that we be able to do so. For privacy reasons, it will not be displayed on this site. You will receive a mail forward account at that will forward to this address.

Some sentences of this FAQ extracted from Savannah FAQ:
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