Advice for women dealing with men

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You need to be blunt and painfully clear with men. In general, their brains are not wired to understand subtle social signals, especially when they are younger. Plus there are sizable social and legal consequences if they misinterpret some subtle signal. Read up on the differences between men and women's brains, and how they perceive things, and you will learn some really useful stuff.

  • Men are not like women. They are different physically, and their brains are wired differently, so they approach life differently.
  • 10 big differences between men and women's brains. Actual facts, no BS, no political correctness.
  • Brains wired differently in men vs women
  • How men and women's brains are different
  • Psychology Today: Men's brains vs. women's brains: But these adaptive sex differences sometimes misfire and manifest themselves in comical ways. For example, men’s greater tendency toward systemizing and mechanistic thinking means that they often try to "figure out" their relationships with their girlfriends as if they are logical systems or a carburetor. They don’t realize that relationships involve other human beings with emotions and feelings, which are not always rational and logical, and they instead treat other people as if they were machines. Similarly, women often talk to their cars and copy machines, as if they had minds and feelings. They don’t realize that they cannot really relate to their cars and copy machines, because they have no feelings or emotions; they have no "minds" they can read.
  • Male Vs. Female Brain Men's brains on average are 10 percent bigger than women's and have 4 percent more cells. But before all you men claim superiority for having a bigger brain, you'll need to know that women's brains contain more nerve cells and cellular connections, which allows their smaller, more compact brains to be more efficient and effective. (This might explain why women tend to overthink things, and think things are worse than they are.)