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CWED (Web-based environment for C/C++) - Clean and simple environment for editing and testing C/C++ programs over the Web. Designed primarily for use in a programming classroom as a replacement to heavyweight desktop IDEs.
Tags: PHP, C++, Web-based development environment

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Magento Shop by Manufacturer Extension - You can increase your profit by enabling brands on your e-store with the help of Magento shop by manufacturer extension. Because most of the customers can pay any price to buy original brand products. So, shop by manufacturer plugin allows you to create the brands and sell the products at high profits. This addon creates the separate page for brands and enables brands slider, layered navigation, brands filters, and brands listing. Features of Shop by Manufacturer Extension for Magento - Enable/Disable brands - Import/export manufacturers in CSV file - Edit brands such as title, description, thumbnails - Separate page for each brand - Free lifetime support - 100% money back guaranty More Info: https://www.fmeaddons.com/magento/shop-by-manufacturer-brands-extension.html
Tags: Magento Shop by Manufacturer, PHP, Web-based development environment, php
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Ofono-team - Team private wiki
Tags: Web-based development environment
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