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Stopping Adani Coal is the Fight of Our Times

1. Adani do not have the consent
of the Wangan and Jagalingou
whose ancestral lands,
waters and culture would be
destroyed by the mine. Since
2012, Wangan and Jagalingou
have rejected a land deal with Adani four times
and have four court challenges underway.
2. The Great Barrier Reef cannot survive the
Adani coal project.
Right now, the Reef is facing
unprecedented large-scale bleaching two years
in a row due to rising ocean temperatures. It
cannot survive more coal-fuelled global warming.
Additionally, Adani’s project could result in over
500 extra coal ships travelling through the World
Heritage Area each year, risking ship groundings,
coal and oil spills; and it requires further dredging
within the World Heritage Area causing water
contamination, destruction of dugong habitat,
impacts on Green and Flatback turtle nests
and more.
Adani companies are under
investigation for tax evasion,
corruption, fraud, and money
Nine of the 20 Adani
subsidiaries registered in Australia
are ultimately owned by an
entity registered in the infamous
Cayman Islands tax haven.
Adani Group companies have an
appalling environmental track
record with a documented history
of destroying the environments and livelihoods
of traditional communities in India, and failure to
comply with regulations. We cannot trust Adani to
look after our local communities, precious water, the
Great Barrier Reef or taxpayers’ money.
Public funds will be wasted on Adani coal.
Prime MInister Malcolm Turnbull and Queensland
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk have promised no
public money for Adani but are currently planning
to lend $1 billion of public money to build a rail line
for the project. Due to Adani’s murky corporate
structure, the Australian Government cannot even
confirm which Adani company would receive
the $1 billion conditional loan from the Northern
Australia Infrastructure Facility.
5. The mine has unacceptable
climate impacts:
Adani plans
to mine 2.3 billion tonnes of
coal over the mine’s 60 years
of operation. Burning this coal
would result in the emission of
4.6 billion tonnes of CO
. To limit the impacts of
climate change we need to reduce our burning
of fossil fuels to zero as quickly as possible. The
world can simply not afford to burn the coal from
this mine.
6. Adani will rob essential water
Adani’s mine will
extract billions of litres of
groundwater each year, causing
irreversible damage to groundwater
systems and resulting in a permanent
drop in the water table around the mine
site. Currently 87% of Queensland is drought
declared, the most widespread drought
declaration ever recorded in the state.
7. Tens of thousands of Queensland jobs are at
69,000 reef tourism jobs rely on a healthy
Great Barrier Reef, and farming communities
are already doing it tough. Adani has misled the
public about the amount of royalties and jobs
the mine would generate. Its Australian CEO
boasts to the business press “everything will be
autonomous from mine to port”.
8. Coal is killing people:
Pollution from burning coal is
the single biggest contributor
to dangerous global
warming, threatening our
way of life. In Australia, ‘black
lung’ disease has recently
re-emerged among coal
miners, with at least 19 workers in Qld identified
with the disease. The coal from the Carmichael
mine will be burnt in India where 115,000 people
die from coal pollution every year.
9. Australia is missing out on the global
renewables boom:
We must immediately begin
the transition from polluting coal, oil and gas to
100% renewable energy to stop greenhouse gas
emissions reaching even more dangerous levels.
Solar is now cheaper and faster to build than coal.
10. Australians don’t want this project.
New polling
shows half the country (52.2%) already oppose
the mine outright, only one quarter support it and
nearly another quarter (23%) don’t even know
about the project. The majority (60%) polled
already understand that the mining and burning
of coal fuels global warming impacts such as
heatwaves, bushfires, floods, droughts and more
severe and frequent storms

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