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A long suffering world has been helpless to circumvent the mounting tyranny and abject malevolence of a ruling class or to some extent blissfully ignorant of the impending suffocation that will inevitably eventuate from the intrinsic unattainability inherent in the economy, environment and socio-political control measures. Those of us with enough systems analysis nous and who can summons a little political sociological insight, may well see the elephant in the room and realize we are on a runaway bus and the driver is a delusional madman or perhaps in a drunken stupor. We have a HUGE task before us, if we are to circumvent or undermine the existing political ruling class megalomaniacs and their web of deceit and power lust fulled control mechanisms. The objective is to create an economic revolution that incoporates abundant alternatives to all those monopolies that hold us dependent on them and starve them of the value or life blood they suck from our ranks to run their shell game and gorge on our productivity like the evil parasites they are.

Well pointing out the problem (to those who may still have their head in the sand), although an imperative essential to the turning of the tide, and cursing at the insidiousness and reprehensibility of such disgusting greed and despicable tyranny, while cathartic and quite understandable, gets us not a millimeter closer to any practicable means of any solution, if there were such a thing, to usher in a new era of co-benevolent mutually endorsed and managed grassroots change. Having been interested in this monolithic socio-economic disease, (the symptom of which are our own governments), for some decades now and stewing over the practical strategies to emancipate the masses and invoke a consensus based democratic rule, The current author wishes to offer the findings and ideas accumulated for community collaboration and development. There are small number of necessary principals and technical developments that I believe are key to any functional alternatives to the existing hierarchical plutocracy.

Within the baseline strategy, I envision we will employ the distributed trust and accounting systems underlying the new P2P economy of crypto-currency and with specific configurations of smart contracts we may build an opt-in or you loose participatory trap for the existing powers and in so doing liberate a raft of incentive for consensus and mandate based reward structures, out of our existing contribution and equity, whereby we should have nothing to loose and the ruling class have everything to loose, yet their sans their endorsement and cooperation they will be forced into a stalemate. No more should the stakes be weighted so heavily in favor of the greedy and merciless ruling class.

It will take some engineering, social networking and publicity efforts, not to mention a few custom software tools and forking of one or two others. While adaption may be only a trickle at first, I have cut this general idea six ways from Sunday and I keep finding the outcome inevitable if enough people want to see it work. The smallest adoption should tip the balance and setup a relentless snowball of exponentially increasing advantage to voluntary adoption and participation. The principals need to be explained in more detail so I will have a white paper posted in the documents section ASAP and lay out the strategic and technical methodologies. Just imagine a greed proof method to undermine our evil ruling class.

Welcome to the economic revolution.

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